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True learning is a gift achieved with real immersion. Skills come with experience and repetition

look trough the eyes of specialists, repeat and fail with no human consequences

    VR video platform

Virtual Reality Saving Real Lives! Medical education has not changed in centuries. Medical experts face enormous challenges, overall when it comes to reaching those on the hidden corners of the world.

Students and experts crave for affordable and efficient learning tools. Patients put their lives on the line, they want to be documented and informed about their procedures.

At MedInReal we care for those problems, we disrupt and change the way you learn. We are taking this tool to the next level and make it accessible to them.

We are creating the revolution of Medical Education. Be part of it!

We make it available. Reach out and take it!


Our mission is to empower medical staff and students

all around the world

Our Vision

We believe in a future where every person in the world has access to healthcare systems. The lack of medical experts around the world increases every day.

Medical staff and students sharing and performing medical procedures around the world breaking barriers in a platform where no borders exist.


    A growing community of medical experts and students around the world, reaching all places of the world

  • VR Simulator and video

    An immersive training simulator and a video platform, where specialists can share their skills and mentor many around the world

  • Mentoring

    Hospitals and medical staff becoming part of the digital innovation around the world

  • business solution

    Corporations and Institutions getting involved over healthcare challenges


About MedInReal

At MedInReal, we work to disrupt and redefine medical education. We make learning fun, valuable and empowering. More importantly, we love what we do!

Every 5 minutes, someone is dying due to a preventable medical error. Medical errors spent, is estimated at $1 trillion annually. Hospitals and medical institutions do not have the economic incentives to afford it. Medical training equipment is expensive. Health professional and students crave for efficient and affordable learning tools. Patient safety is at risk.

According to the World Health Organization, an estimated of 400 million people lack access to at least one of seven essential health services. Moreover, the lack of accessible and affordable tools is a big problem.

We care about patient safety and medical staff, for this reason, we are creating the training arena. A virtual world where health professionals can fail at no cost. The necessary tools and experiences to empower and inspire medical staff. The place where specialists become mentors of many around the world.

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